As a true citizen of the world, I have been influenced by many teachers from different continents on the journey to get connected with my inner world. Over two decades ago, I was introduced to the Medicine Wheel, the Tzolkin Sacred Mayan Calendar in its modern interpretation, Andean cosmovision, and other creative tools, and my life has been guided by Nature’s cycles and universal wisdom ever since.


My business career with United Nations and in Global Logistics took me all around the world, while constantly being exposed to new cultures and alternate ways of living. After 21 years of combining practical spirituality with my work in the corporate world, I decided to devote all my time sharing and teaching practices for conscious living and guiding others in creating a meaningful and purposeful life.


In addition to private sessions, workshops and ceremonies, I lead trips in sacred places to connect with oneself, the land, the locals and ancestral traditions. My practice is based on bridging the worlds by integrating different modalities and facilitating happy experiences for inspiration and empowerment, and I do it through Nature, Creativity, Symbols and Rituals. The goal is for each person to integrate these experiences in ways that resonate with and work for them.


In my personal time I love wandering in Nature, playing with creativity, doing meaningful rituals and handcrafts,  learning and teaching, reading and writing, traveling and exploring, cooking and baking, and sharing with others my passions!

New Blog with inspiring content coming soon!


I will share with you some messages and news whenever I get inspired :-)

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